Top 11 Muniba Mazari Quotes


Pakistan’s Iron Lady Muniba Mazari is an artist, motivational speaker, activist and the national ambassador for UN Women Pakistan. So here I have collected for you some of the famous and Inspirational Muniba Mazari Quotes that will take your motivation level up instantly.

1. “Some trials come to sort the life of people out. They break you, deform you and then transform you into the best version of you.” Muniba Mazari

2. “Always love your mother because you will never get another.” Muniba Mazari

2. “Learn the art of conversation into opportunities.” Muniba Mazari

3. “I could not find a hero in my life so I became one.” Muniba Mazari

4. “When you share your story and it doesn’t make you cry, that means you are healed.” Muniba Mazari

5. “We are all perfectly imperfect and that’s perfectly alright.” Muniba Mazar

6. “Be grateful for what you have, and trust me you’ll have more.” Muniba Mazari

7. “When you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you.” Muniba Mazari

8. “I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text, you’ll ever read ‘i gave up’!” Muniba Mazari

9. “Celebrate Your Life, Live it. Don’t Die Before Your Death, We all Die!” Muniba Mazari

10. “Sometimes somebody’s absence makes you a better person. Cherish their absence, it’s always a blessing in disguise.” Muniba Mazar

11. “I can undoubtedly admit that I am caged by my body. but my mind is free, so is my spirit and soul. I can still dream big.” Muniba Mazari

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