Tipu Sultan Quotes To Make You a Lion


Tipu Sultan also known as the Tipu Sahab or Tiger of Mysore was a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore and India’s first freedom fighter. He is remembered as one of the bravest and the greatest man in history. According to Muslims, Tipu Sultan is one of the bravest rulers in Islamic history. They consider him as a role model. So Here are some of the famous and Inspirational Tipu Sultan Quotes That will teach you how to live like a lion.

1. “Save me from friends, I will defend against my enemies” Tipu Sultan

2. “The real joy of life is to combat difficulties and miseries with firm determination.” Tipu Sultan

3. “To live Like a Lion for a day is far better than to live like a jackal for a hundred years.” Tipu Sultan

4. “It is better to die before you bend your knees before your enemy” Tipu Sultan

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