35+ The 5 Second Rule Quotes (Mel Robbins Book)

The 5 Second Rule is written by female writer Mel Robbins. She is an American lawyer, author, television host, and motivational speaker. Robbins is known for covering the George Zimmerman trial for CNN; her TEDx talk, How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over. Here I have collected best The 5 Second Rule Quotes by Mel Robbins that will inspire you.

So a list of 35+ best inspirational quotes from The 5 Second Rule book by Mel Robbins is in the following:

Best Quotes From Book The 5 Second Rule

1. “Leave nothing important unsaid.”

2. “You Are One Decision Away from a Completely Different Life”

3. “It’s not the big moves that change everything—it’s the smallest ones in your everyday life that do.”

4. “Small things are not small at all. They are the most important things of all. And they add up.”

5. “Waiting until you are ready will not make it happen. The world doesn’t work that way.”

6. “If you don’t learn how to untangle your feelings from your actions, you’ll never unlock your true potential.”

7. “That’s how confidence grows—one small, courageous move at a time.”

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Famous The 5 Second Rule Quotes by Mel Robbins

8. “You have been assigned this mountain so that you can show others it can be moved.”

9. “When it comes to change, goals, and dreams, you have to bet on yourself. That”

10. “What Exactly Is the #5SecondRule? The Rule is a simple, research-backed metacognition tool that creates immediate and lasting behavior change. Metacognition.”

11. “If you want to make your dreams come true, get ready for the long game.”

12. “You can feel uncertain and be ready. You can be afraid and do it anyway. You can fear rejection and still go for it.”

13. “Change your decisions and you’ll change your life. And what will change your decisions more than anything? Courage.”

14. “We are all capable of greatness. I believe that. It is our feelings and fears that convince us now is not the right time and keep us from achieving greatness.”

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Inspirational Mel Robbins Quotes From The 5 Second Rule Book

15. “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

16. “Hesitation is the kiss of death. You might hesitate for a just nanosecond, but that’s all it takes. That one small hesitation triggers a mental system that’s designed to stop you. And it happens in less than—you guessed it—five seconds.”

17. “Your feelings don’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you DO.”

18. “It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”

19. “Procrastination is not a form of laziness at all. It’s a coping mechanism for stress.”

20. “I was the problem and in five seconds, I could push myself and become the solution.”

21. “Forget motivation; it’s a myth. I don’t know when we all bought into the idea that in order to change you must “feel” eager or “feel” motivated to act. It’s complete garbage. The moment it’s time to assert yourself, you will not feel motivated. In fact, you won’t feel like doing anything at all.”

22. “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

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Important The 5 Second Rule Book Quotes

23. “There’s one thing that is guaranteed to increase your feelings of control over your life: a bias toward action.”

24. “The 5 Second Rule The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must 5-4-3-2-1 and physically move or your brain will stop you.”

25. “Pushing yourself to take simple actions creates a chain reaction in your confidence and your productivity.”

26. “There are only two words of advice you need to improve any relationship. Say It”

27. “If you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed.”

28. “Dying before you’ve actually pushed yourself to live.”

29. “I have a hard time finding the balance between not beating myself up when it doesn’t happen as fast as I’d like it to, and not wasting time while I wait for it to happen.”

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Short Quotes From The 5 Second Rule Book By Mel Robbins

30. “Start before you’re ready. Don’t prepare, begin.”

31. “I may not be perfect, but I am worthy.”

32. “Passion is not a thing, it’s a state of mind.”

33. “You can’t control how you feel. But you can always choose how you act.”

34. “Win or lose, at least I’m doing something.”

35. “You change your life one five-second decision at a time. In”

36. “Will it be your Heart that wins or your Fear?”

37. “Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

38. “work expands to whatever time you give it.”

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Mel Robbins Confidence Quotes

“Confidence in yourself is built through acts of everyday courage.” – Mel Robbins confidence quotes

“Confidence is a skill I’ve built over the years by practicing acts of everyday courage.” – Mel Robbins

“Confidence is created by the small things you do every single day that build trust in yourself.” – Mel Robbins

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