Top 15 Tapduk Emre Quotes

Tapduk Emre was an Islamic Sufi saint and the Shaykh or mentor of the Turkish poet Yunus Emre. So here are the famous Sufi saint Tapduk Emre quotes that will inspire you and heal your soul.

1. “Working diligently is as important as making an honest living.” – Tapduk Emre

2. “If love is the most precious thing, then the most difficult trails must come with it.”- Tapduk Emre

3. “Bravery is to confront your actions on the battlefield of truth.” – Tapduk Emre

4. “Only in good people can you find peace.” – Tapduk Emre Quotes

5. “A person who believes everything he hears has an empty mind.” – Tapduk Emre

6. “An arrogant person will never find peace.”- Tapduk Emre

7. “We should not worry about the things we will never have.” – Tapduk Emre

8. “If you don’t fill your heart with compassion, others will try to fill it up with arrogance, greed and lust.” – Tapduk Emre

9. “Whatever job you are given, let it be beneficial to humanity..” – Tapduk Emre

10. “I believe in many things that I cannot see with my eyes.” – Tapduk Emre

11. “The window you look through defines the scenery you will see.” – Tapduk Emre

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12. “Repenting turns thorns into flowers.” – Tapduk Emre Quotes

13. “You cannot have religion without compassion.” – Tapduk Emre

14. “We are not here to break hearts, we are here to shape them.” – Tapduk Emre

15. “If you are looking for the innocent, follow the arrow of cruel.” – Tapduk Emre

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