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Louie Simmons Quotes

Louie Simmons Quotes

“Big isn’t strong. Strong is strong.”– Louie Simmons

” Not being willing to try is the beginning to the end.”– Louie Simmons

“When I go to war I go to kill not to be killed.”– Louie Simmons

” Normal people only give you normal results..I don’t need that.”– Louie Simmons

“Even a marathon runner has to sprint to the finish line.”– Louie Simmons

“Don’t have $100 shoes and a 10 cent squat.”– Louie Simmons

Best Louie Simmons Quotes

Louie Simmons Quotes

“The greatest respect a person can have is self-respect.”– Louie Simmons

” The top dog is always changing. Until then, know your role.”– Louie Simmons

“Do what works for you, not what you like you like to do.”– Louie Simmons

“Everything works but nothing works forever.”– Louie Simmons

“There is always something to work on for everybody.”– Louie Simmons

” You are only as good as your trainners partners.”– Louie Simmons

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