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Joseph Buttler is an English international cricketer and current vice-captain of the England cricket team in limited-overs cricket. A right-handed batsman, Buttler usually fields as a wicket-keeper and has represented England in Test, ODI’s and T20 International cricket. Here are some of the most famous and best Jos Buttler quotes about cricket that will inspire you.

1. I know that fitness helps me to be better at everything I do and to live my life in the best possible way, so it has become a genuine passion, even outside of cricket.” – Jos Buttler

2. “I was worried about how Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson or Josh Hazlewood would get me out and how I would counter it, but in doing that forgot how I was going to score runs and put pressure on them, which is what I’m good at. I have to be more focused on myself.” – Jos Buttler

3. “Having played before and been dropped I think people will always remember that, so if I am ever going to play Tests again I will need to show improvements in red-ball cricket.” – Jos Buttler

4. “Some days if I am not feeling great or I feel a bit down or anxious, I just go for a run and I instantly feel better. Despite all the technology we use in training these days, it remains an amazingly simple way to energize your mind.” – Jos Buttle

5. “It still feels like I am just playing with my mates a lot of the time. A lot of us in the England team has grown up playing cricket together and formed very close friendships, which makes the dressing room a very enjoyable place to be.” – Jos Buttler

6. “If you are going to introduce cricket to other countries then I think T20 is the format with which to do it – it’s a great entry-level into the sport and easy to pick up.” – Jos Buttler

7. “Franchise T20 competitions are great and the skill level is very high, but playing for your country is a huge honor and T20 is so popular that it should be recognized as an international game.” – Jos Buttler

8. “I have learned not to bother with no-carbohydrate diets or extreme nutritional strategies. It is much better to go for a balanced approach in which you can make your long-term routine.” – Jos Buttler

9. “As a batsman, when you know a guy can hit you in the head, you’re pretty reluctant to think about any other ball.” – Jos Buttler

10. “T20 in international cricket can almost be paid lip-service at times, with one game tagged on to the end of an ODI series or a long tour – sometimes it can feel like there is no point in playing it.” – Jos Buttler

11. “Whenever I have a problem, I always talk to someone away from cricket; usually a friend or a family member who is invested in wanting to help me but who won’t give me a coach’s perspective or a cricketer’s perspective.” – Jos Buttler

12. “Just because I have to deal with the stress and pressure and nerves of elite sport every day, it doesn’t mean it all comes easily. I have worked hard on the mental side of my game.” – Jos Buttler

13. “It’s a privilege to be on the same field as guys like Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad when they catch fire as they can do. Two of the best there has ever been.” – Jos Buttler

14. “All I ever try and do in any game is play to how I see the situation.” – Jos Buttler

15. “We all make worse decisions when we are tired but being fit keeps your mind sharp and gives you the confidence to handle anything the world throws at you.” – Jos Buttler

16. “It can feel like such a hectic lifestyle. We are always busy and always under pressure. So giving myself that 10 minutes of meditation each day has really helped me to relax, restore some perspective, and gain that meditative state.” – Jos Buttler

17. “Running is a good example of the link between fitness and psychology. I have found an easy way to enjoy running by focusing on 5k runs – they are long enough to get your heart going but not so long that you get bored.” – Jos Buttler

18. “I’ve always felt that when I’ve been successful in red-ball cricket it has been because I’ve left the ball well and sometimes in cricket the shots you don’t play are more important than the ones you do.” – Jos Buttler

19. “I sometimes like to do plyometric work which hits my core and the rest of my body at the same time: things like jumping to catch balls, box jumps, hurdling over cricket stumps, bounds, hops, or combined exercises like three jumps in a row followed by a sprint.” – Jos Buttler

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20. “One of the things I have been getting into is meditation. Sometimes it is just 5-10 minutes per day, lying on my bed and listening to a meditation app on my phone to try to calm my mind.” – Jos Buttler

21. “I sometimes get someone to bowl at me from closer than the usual 22 yards so when I then go and play on a normal-sized pitch, everything feels easier.” – Jos Buttler

22. “I’m sure Jofra Archer will be loving heading into his first World Cup. He is in the dressing room as he comes across on the field – laidback and very confident in his ability.” – Jos Buttler

23. “I was constantly searching for something and you kid yourself that someone out there has got that secret to batting that they can give you one piece of advice that will enable you to go and score a hundred every time. It is silly. By trying to learn I confused myself.” – Jos Buttler

24. “I enjoy fitness. I’ve always enjoyed trying to stay healthy. I’ve enjoyed all my gym work; obviously, there’s a cross-over with that going into cricket. But you also talk of finding an escape and I think in the last year or so, running has provided me with that.” – Jos Buttler

25. “I’m quite content with who I am and what I do. You might get someone in your local Tesco who might know who you are. But not really. To think you couldn’t do those simple things, I’d say I’d probably crave them quite a lot.” -Jos Buttler

26. “It was a relief to get dropped which is sad in a way because you never want to miss a game. But I was not performing and mentally I got to a stage where I was not concentrating and did not want to be there. I was not enjoying walking out there and feeling like I didn’t know where the next run was coming from.” – Jos Buttler

27. “I have a more personal insight into the importance of core strength because my wife Louise runs a Pilates studio in London. I have enjoyed getting into Pilates. I am not the most supple but I enjoy Pilates more than yoga.” Jos Buttler

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28. “Although I train hard with England and Rajasthan Royals, when I am at home in London I always like to join some group fitness classes and experiment with new workout ideas.” – Jos Buttler

29. “We’re very lucky in England: everything’s very structured. But in India, you have to deal with chaos, and I think that helps to deal with expectations.” – Jos Buttler

30. “The psychology of sport is so important. When you are standing at the crease, in front of a stadium full of people, it’s a pretty intense experience. So you need to have the psychological tools to control your mind and deliver your best performance.” – Jos Buttler

31. “We want to inspire cricket fans and enhance their love for the game as well as bring new people and children into the fold and encourage them to pick up a bat.” – Jos Buttler

32. “A really important technique for me is visualization. Before a match, I will sit down and think about all the different situations which might happen on the field – if the openers start well if you end up going out earlier than expected, what the conditions might be like.” – Jos Buttler

33. “Keeping wicket is the worst place to be when out of form. You can’t hide at fine leg where you might touch the ball once every 10 overs. Behind the wicket, you are involved in every ball.” – Jos Buttler

34. “Your core holds you upright; it helps you bend and twist and jump; it helps you transfer power through your body; and it strengthens your posture, whether you are batting, sitting at a desk or running around a park.” – Jos Buttler

35. “But one of the best things away from playing was a visit to a Mumbai slum. You see people in their conditions, getting stuck into their way of life and not moaning, and realize how lucky you are to be doing what you are doing. It put things into perspective.” – Jos Buttler

36. “I’ve always been a bit shy, especially in new situations. But I have that other side in me too. Cricket demands that you grow up fast. Playing in domestic tournaments as an overseas player, you’re expected to score runs and bring a lot to the group. And I expect that of myself.” – Jos Buttler

37. “I enjoy football, I really love our kickarounds. I would say Chris Woakes is the best – a real Rolls-Royce midfielder. He gets himself around and he’s got a silky touch. He’s the main man.” – Jos Buttler

38. “We hear about the importance of strong core muscles all the time, but it never quite hits home until you stop and think what the muscles around your stomach and lower back really do.” – Jos Buttler

39. “Cricket isn’t the be all and end all. That doesn’t mean you put in less effort or don’t try as hard. You put everything into it, but at the end of the day there are bigger and better things.” – Jos Buttler

40. “The only way I can meet expectations of myself and what I think I am capable of is to make sure my game is in order and I am doing things that allow me to perform at my best, to make sure my training is good, to make sure I am focused on watching the ball and not worried about the external expectations.” – Jos Buttler

41. “I think I have innate inner confidence, one that I don’t feel I need to prove all the time. There will be times throughout your career when it does dip a little bit. Whether it’s from within, or something you guys have written.” -Jos Buttler

42. “The fact that people want to learn from you gives you confidence as well, especially if someone in an IPL dressing room that you respect comes up to you and asks how you do something. Your self-worth starts to improve.” – Jos Buttler

43. “When you look at the best players in the world, they can play all the formats. I don’t think it’s an easy thing to do and that’s why they’re the best players in the world.” – Jos Buttler

44. “It’s really important to have your escape away from cricket, whatever that is for the individual. I enjoy my time away from the game, that really refreshes me and lets me get excited for when I do go back in and play.” – Jos Buttler

45. “Cricket takes so long. There’s a lot of airtime to fill. Guys have to talk about someone’s technique for half an hour.” – Jos Buttle

46. “Innovation grabs attention. You go back through the history of cricket and there are certain moments in time that grab you. Kevin Pietersen’s flamingo shot was one of those.” – Jos Buttler

47. “One of the main things that stand out for me is the mentality of the best players. They really want to be in those big moments, have the responsibility, the trust in themselves and the self-belief.” – Jos Buttler

48. “There’s always going to be pressure on your place. It’s 11 cricketers. There’s always going to be other cricketers outside the team doing well.” – Jos Buttler

49. “What was scaring me was if we lost, I didn’t know how I’d play cricket again. This was such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a World Cup final at Lord’s.” – Jos Buttler

50. “India is such an attack on your senses and is unrivaled for the passion surrounding cricket.” – Jos Buttler

51. “We hear about the importance of strong core muscles all the time, but it never quite hits home until you stop and think what the muscles around your stomach and lower back really do.” – Jos Buttler

52. “When there is change, there are always skeptics who think it won’t work. I am sure someone at some point thought the iPhone wouldn’t take off.” – Jos Buttler

53. “It can be hard to keep that mentality but I know that to play your best you can’t be worrying about getting dropped, because then you just go into your shell even more and play safe. I’ve just got to come out and play how I know I can play – that’s the way that you get the best out of yourself.” – Jos Buttler

54. “It’s an amazing opportunity to be around at the right time and play in a home World Cup.” – Jos Buttler

55. “There’s always going to be pressure on your place. It’s 11 cricketers. There’s always going to be other cricketers outside the team doing well.” – Jos Buttler

56. “Cricket takes so long. There’s a lot of airtime to fill. Guys have to talk about someone’s technique for half an hour. Jos Buttler

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