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About Jay Cutler: Jay Christopher Cutler is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for 12 seasons, primarily with the Chicago Bears.

Jay Cutler Quotes

Jay Cutler Quotes

“You have to think about staying healthy long-term.” – Jay Cutler

“I had a goal to be the best since day one.” – Jay Cutler Quotes

“What hurts today, makes you stronger tomorrow.” – Jay Cutler Quotes

“If you’re going to do something. You’re gonna do it all the way.” – Jay Cutler Quotes

“Competition or no competition – still busting my butt every damn day.” – Jay Cutler Quotes

“It’s consistency. Stay with it. You have to do this day in, day out. It becomes a lifestyle.” – Jay Cutler Quotes

“As for contests, now anyone can shoot with an iPhone and blast it on the internet.” – Jay Cutler

“I’m a better-rounded person, just because I’m less focused on that one goal of winning the Olympia every year.” – Jay Cutler

“Today, it’s harder, because the magazine contracts are gone. People have to put out their own content and travel and still stay on-point all the time.” – Jay Cutler

“Second place is still second best to the best guy in the world, and I was so eager to not just win the Olympia but beat Ronnie Coleman.” – Jay Cutler

“People wanted to know more, and you gave enough but never enough that people weren’t intrigued. And that’s what built guys up so much.” – Jay Cutler

“I took steps to get there, and then ’01 came along [he was a close second in the 2001 Mr. Olympia], and I was like, okay, this is at my fingertips, right? I realized that I wanted to set a legacy of success, and that was success in all arenas.” – Jay Cutler

“When I was training for competitions, there was just so much more of a thrill to getting ready for a bodybuilding show, and remember we didn’t have any other divisions, so there was no talk of anything other than who’s competing as a bodybuilder.” – Jay Cutler

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