Top 25 Holocaust Quotes


The Holocaust, also known as Shoah, was a genocide in German-occupied Europe between 1941 and 1945 during World War II, in which Nazi Germany, aided by local collaborators, systematically murdered some six million Jews, around two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population. After some Introduction, read some of the famous Holocaust quotes which are in the following.

1. “I believe that the Holocaust is the most significant event in human history.” James Comey

2. “The Holocaust also shows us how a combination of events and attitudes can erode a society’s democratic values.” Tim Holden

3. “There was a taboo as a result of the Holocaust that people respected that anti-Semitism was an ugly thing and should be avoided. Now that taboo seems to have been broken with impunity.” Steven T. Katz

4. “I was brought up in the shadow of the Holocaust. My mother lost most of her family, and I didn’t realize how much the guilt of survivorship weighed on her until I was an adult.” Naomi Benaron

5. “I’m obsessed with history, especially WWII and the Jews in Europe during the Holocaust.” Amy Heckerling

6. “The Holocaust is a central event in many people’s lives, but it also has become a metaphor for our century. There cannot be an end to speaking and writing about it. Besides, in Israel, everyone carries a biography deep inside him.” Aharon Appelfeld

7. “The Holocaust survivors are among the most inspiring people I have had the privilege to meet.” Jonathan Sacks

8. “Germany can make a major difference in the lives of so many Holocaust survivors who are struggling in their later years.” Ted Deutch

9. “To me, the Holocaust stands alone as the most horrible human event in modern civilization.” Robert Shapiro

10. “We Brits print banknotes out in Debden in Essex, and have contracted it out to the private sector. Here in the U.S. it is a government operation right in the heart of Washington next door to the Holocaust Museum.” Evan Davis

11. “It took me fifty years to deal with the Holocaust at all. And I did it in a literary way.” Leonard Baskin

12. “Nuclear holocaust might eliminate the Internet.” Taylor Hanson

13. “In Germany, of course, the Holocaust will always be in our history and a big stain on our lives.” Barbara Sukowa

14. “Holocaust films will be made and should be made as long as we can’t understand what makes people so cruel to each other.” Milos Forman

15. “Arab youth are taught to wonder, ‘Since the Holocaust was a European affair, why are the Palestinians being forced to pay for the creation of Israel?” Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

16. “Following the Second World War, we are a country of one ethnicity. After the moving of the borders, after the tragedy of the Holocaust and the murder of Polish Jews, we don’t have large minority groups.” Aleksander Kwasniewski

17. “I do a lot of research. For ‘I Am Legend’, I did a lot of research about survivors. If everybody is dead around you, how you can keep surviving. I went to the bookstore and found psychiatry books about survivors from the Holocaust.” Alice Braga

18. “Unlike the Holocaust, Stalin’s murders are forgotten: dust blowing in the wind.” Robert Harris

19. “There’s a basic problem with the history of the Holocaust. The people who do it don’t know the necessary languages.” Timothy D. Snyder

20. “As I was growing up, you know, I’m a white Jewish American born to Holocaust parents. My father fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and my mother’s family had fled the czars of Russia before that.” Eugene Jarecki

21. “Abbas is on his way to becoming a professor of terrorism. After denying the Holocaust in his doctoral thesis, he now claims that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.” Danny Danon

22. “Empires came and went while we, the Jewish people, persecuted relentlessly, facing expulsions and pogroms and the Holocaust, survived. We survived thanks to the Torah and faith in the Lord.” Eli Yishai

23. “What we want to do is to give all children and grandchildren of Holocaust victims the opportunity to become Austrian citizens if they want to.” Sebastian Kurz

24. “Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense if not sheer fraud.” Norman Finkelstein

25. “The Iranian regime gives financial support to terrorist organizations all over the world, denies the Holocaust, and calls for the wiping the state of Israel from the map, while developing long-range missiles and trying to obtain nuclear weapon.” Moshe Katsav

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