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Hey guy welcome to Are you looking for GTA Quotes and aptions. Then you are at righ tplace. Get here Latest gta san andreas captions for instagram post. Best grand theft auto quotes to share on whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram

Moreover, Get here GTA quotes For Instagram post and stories. Best gta captions for instagram post and stories collection.

GTA Quotes

GTA Quotes

Gta 5 quotes

“Don’t You Ever Not Tell Me Things I Wanna Know!”

“Go To College. Then You Can Rip People Off And Get Paid For It. It’s Called Capitalism.”

“I’m Cranked Out On Speed Most Of The Time, But I Am Productivity Personified.”

“If That’s Our Standard For Goodness… Then No Wonder This Country’s Screwed.”

“It’s Either This Or Dealing Dimebags. The Bullets Come Crackin’ At Yo Ass Either Way.”

Gta v quotes

“If That’s Our Standard For Goodness …”

Ah S—t, Here We Go Again

I’ll Have Two Number 9’s, A Number 9 Large…

“You Made A Bit Of Money, And You Became A Turd.”

Grand theft auto quotes

“So You Giving Me A Lecture About Not Being A Good Enough Gangbanger?”

“When There’s Some S*** To Be Won. Godammit, I Want It.”

“I’ll Swing By And Sign The Contracts, Alright? Just Ignore The Bodies!”

“What Kinda F****** Animal Do You Take Me For? No, I Didn’t Kill Him! But I Did Kidnap His Wife.”

“Surviving Is Winning, Franklin! Everything Else Is Bulls***! Fairytales Spun By People Afraid To Look Life In The Eye! Whatever It Takes, Kid! Survive!”

GTA quotes For Instagram

“I Said Something Nice, Not Expensive.”

“You, Trevor, Are The Proto-Hipster.”

“I Said Something Nice, Not Something Expensive!”

“Great. Seems Like The Marriage Was At Least Profitable.”

“Look, You Wake Up One Day And Your Legs, They Just Give, And You Just Can’t Run Anymore.”

Gta captions

Gta captions

Gta captions for instagram

“So, You Giving Me A Lecture …”

“… But I Am Productivity Personified.”

“… And Tell Him We’ll Need Chips And Dip And …”

“No, I Think You’re Plenty Stupid Enough For Both Of Us.”

“Ooh, You Just Made This Real Easy For Me.”

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