125+ Best Saree Quotes & Captions For Saree Lovers

Are you a saree lover and want to read some famous and best saree quotes? then you are in a right place. Here I have collectes a collection of famous saree quotes for saree lover that will increase their passion for wearing saree. But before sharing best saree captions I would like to share some info regarding the saree.

A saree is a garment from South Asia that consists of an unstitched drape varying from 4.5 to 9 metres (15 to 30 feet) in length and 600 to 1,200 millimetres (24 to 47 inches) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, partly baring the midriff. It is most popular in the countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal.

So a list of 125+ famous sari quotes for Instagram is in the following:

The Best Saree Quotes

1. “If women are gifts, then saree is the perfect gift wrap.”

2. “A saree is not just a garment. It’s a power, an identity, a language.”

3. “You cant live an Indian life without a saree!”

4. “Add glamour to your everyday life with a gorgeous saree.”

5. “I may not have the skills to cook, but I can certainly rock a saree like pro.”

6. “‘Saree ‘ you are the most beautiful attire, A timeless fashion, which refuses to retire.”

7. “Let your saree exhibit on the experience you earn in life.”

8. “Get a taste of the traditional look with a saree. Traditional look is the latest and all time favorite of women.”

Famous Saree Lover Quotes

9. “Me and my never ending Saree love.”

10. “Love is when he kneels down to help you make perfect pleats for your saree.”

11. “Saree is the only garment that’s been in fashion for centuries.”

12. “The perfect matching accessory for a saree is not the jewelry but your smile.”

13. “A saree is just how an Indian woman should be – classy yet sexy, simple yet complex!”

14. “I may not have the skills to cook, but I can certainly rock a saree like pro.”

Saree Quotes For Instagram

14. “Life is short. Let my pallu be long!”

15. “When an Indian girl wears a saree, the world stops to admire her grace!”

16. “You can’t live an Indian life without a saree!”

17. “Nothing makes an Indian girl look as beautiful as a saree does.”

18. “I’m wearing Indianness in the form of a saree.”

19. “The easiest way to feel hot yet modest is to wear a saree! (hot saree captions)”

20. “Life isn’t perfect. But my saree draping can be.”

Saree Quotes Funny

21. “Don’t worry, wear a saree.”

22. “Sareephile (n.) lover of the saree.”

23. “Love you to the end of my pallu and back!”

24. “Beautiful nari only looks in wearing saree.”

25. “Where’s the saree tonight?”

26. “Saree to banti hai.”

27. “Stay sanskari with wearing saree.”

28. “Find me a guy who loves me as much as I love my saree.”

29. “When unsure, wear a saree!”

30. “Give them a reason to stare, wear saree.”

Saree Girl Quotes

31. “Hey Girl, don’t worry, wear a saree.”

32. “I feel more comfortable in saree than gowns.” – Amy Jackson

33. “The saree makes a woman look sexy yet graceful all at the same time.” – Gauri Khan

34. “When you walk in a saree, you must kick the pleats. It’s more comfortable that way.” – Kajol

35. “Draped in a saree, I feel like I’m walking in the color of your love.”

36. “Saree is the sexiest garment ever. It shows you the right amount, it covers the right amount. It’s extremely versatile, it suits every body type. It suits every face.” – Vidya Balan

37. “A saree is the perfect way of proudly flaunting who I am without having to say it.”

38. “Hey Girl, want to look beautiful?? wear a saree of your favorite color.”

39. “A saree has the power to convert a girl next door into an artist’s muse!”

40. “I love it when a girl’s saree is made of grace, her jewelry is made of confidence and her heels are made of inner strength.”

41. “A saree is not just a garment. It’s a power, an identity, a language.”

42. “Girl’s saree is formed of grace, her jewelry is formed of confidence and her heels are made from inner-strength.”

Red Saree Quotes & Captions

43. “Intoxication levels drop when a woman in a red saree enters the party.”

44. “Give me a red saree and I can instantly transform into a filmy heroine!”

45. “Nothing moves eyeballs like a red saree.”

46. “Red saree is not always a dress, sometimes it’s a feeling.”

47. “There’s nothing hotter than a woman in a red saree.”

48. “Nothing matches my love for a red saree, except my love for red wine!”

49. “The sarees are red, blouses are blue. You’ll look so sexy, people may hate you.”

50. “Livin’ La Vida saree.”

51. “Only those who’ve worn a red saree will know its power.”

52. “My wine is red, why should my saree be of any other color?!”

53. “I wasn’t born to be perfect, but I was born to wear a red saree.”

54. “Wear a red saree and be a part of every rumor in town.”

55. “I need some red saree therapy.” (red saree captions)

56. “I may like my red wine, but I’m a red sareeaholic.”

57. “Girls who wear red sarees know how to party.”

Pink Saree Quotes & Captions

58. “When in doubt, wear pink.”

59. “Every girl is beautiful. It’s just easier to show it in a pink dress!”

60. “Ready to smile my demons away in my pink dress.”

61. “Anything’s possible in the right pink dress.”

62. “Pink is complicated. As is a girl in a pink dress.” (pink saree captions)

63. “My formula for a great night – a pink dress and a vodka-cranberry.”

64. “I may not be sweet. But no one will know when I’m in a pink dress.”

65. “I just wanna be pretty in pink.” (pink sari quotes)

66. “Think pretty. wear pink.”

67. “A pink dress can make even the dullest of days feel rose-colored!”

68. “Why complicate things when you can just wear a pink dress?”

69. “Don’t think I’m sweet just because I wear pink.”

70. “Every girl needs a pink dress. It’s a pink-me-up.”

71. “Forget red. Pink is the color that attracts all the attention.”

72. “As long as there’s pink in my closet I will always feel pretty.”

73. “I’m the girl who wears pink. You must be the other girl.”

74. Nothing to make a woman seem sweet like a pink dress.”

75. “Wear pink and destroy your enemies with a smile.”

76. “Who needs makeup when you’re already pretty in pink?”

Black Saree Quotes & Captions

77. “Want to feel powerful and attractive, wear black saree.”

78. “Stay away people, today I wear a black saree.” (black sari captions)

79. “I wanted to wear the color of my feelings for you, and here I am in my black saree!”

80. “You are not a woman in a black saree – you are a representation of love, cuteness, and beauty.”

Purple Saree Quotes & Captions

81. “Express your best self with purple.”

82. “Purple is the epitome of royalty. Either you can nail it or you can’t.”

83. “Wearing Purple saree allows you to be elegant and appear strong.” (purple dress quotes)

84. “Purple color saree gives you the luxury of expressing what you want.”

85. “Purple does not manipulate. It influences.” (purple saree captions)

86. “I am convinced purple can be both luxurious and modest.”

87. “Wearing Purple saree is more imaginative, more sensual, cooler.”

88. “Life is better with some purple in it.” (saree captions)

Quotes on Saree and Elegance

89. “Endless Elegance via endless elegant attire.”

90. “Beauty in simplicity.”

91. “Saree: six yards of sheer elegance!”

92. “Elegance never goes out of style.”

93. “Take off that shyness and wear some red.”

94. “Sari may be a gateway to slide into the festive mood.”

95. “The saree has draped many women- goddess Durga who defeated the demons, Rani LakshmiBai who led a military during a war. A saree makes me feel so graceful yet so powerful.”

96. “The joy of draping saree is an art.”

97. “In this world filled with trends, i select to wrap around my six yards of elegance that’s my saree.”

Saree Vibes Quotes

98. “Just Saree Vibes.”

99. “When I drape a saree, it feels like I’m draping you around me!”

100. “The saree I wear may be traditional, but I am six yards ahead of my time.”

101. “A saree makes me feel the way no other garment can: a strange mix of a sex symbol and a pious goddess.”

102. “When I drape a saree, I feel all womanly.”

103. “Every saree tells a story. Can you read mine?”

Best Saree Captions For Parties

104. “Saree makes me Radha, Saree makes me Meera too.”

105. “When I drape a saree, I feel all womanly.”

106. “Being traditional is being classy.” (sari captions)

107. “Ain’t no need mini skirts. Six yards of fabric can do the magic!”

108. “A sari never tells you to suit in, it causes you to stand out.”

109. “It has been said that point heals all wounds but saree covers them up.”

110. “It’s not about brand, it’s all about style.”

Best Saree Captions For Instagram

111. “SAREE – A timeless piece of Imagination.”

112. “Gorgeous Naari in Gorgeous Saree.”

113. “Six yards of pure grace!”

114. “Less distraction, more affection and infinite authenticity, that’s what saree gifts you.”

115. “Life isn’t perfect. But my saree draping can be.”

116. “A lot of things broke my heart, but saree fixed it every time.”

117. “Saree (N.) the sexiest dress for a girl.”

118. “Love is when he kneels down to help you make perfect pleats for your saree.”

119. “Someone asked me which day is today Sunday or Monday, I politely replied “saree day”.”

Short Saree Quotes & Status

120. “Saree is that the new badass.”

121. “Sari is pure Grace and glamour.”

122. “A saree silently empowers you.” (sari quotes)

123. “Find me a guy who loves me as much as I love my saree.”

124. “Every time I wear saree, my mind is like “Tip Tip Barsa Pani””

125. “Every saree tells a story. Can you read mine?”

126. “Saree to banti hai.” (saree status for instagram)

127. “Sari may be a gateway to slide into the festive mood.”

127. “You, me and a beautiful saree.”

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