Babar Azam Quotes [Top 35]

Babar Azam is a Pakistani cricketer who captains Pakistan in all formats and considered as one of the best Pakistani batsmen of the current era. Cricket experts rate him in the list of top 5 batsmen of the world. He also plays for Karachi Kings in PSL and captains Central Punjab in domestic cricket. Read some of the famous Babar Azam Quotes that will Inspire you to be a better cricketer.

1. “My aim is to be the best in the world and perform in each of Pakistan’s wins.” – Babar Azam Quotes

2. “I don’t get happy with personal milestones. I get happy when my team wins.” – Babar Azam

3. “I was attracted to cricket at a very young age. My father’s elder brother Akram Siddiq saw the passion for cricket in me, so he pushed me, and then another uncle – father of Kamran, Umar, and Adnan Akmal – advised my father to work hard on me, as he thought that I will make it big in cricket.” – Babar Azam

4. “We are all really working hard to improve our batting.” – Babar Azam

5. “Of course, every batsman gets out. I know that. It is almost inevitable that no matter what you do, you will get out at some point or the other.” – Babar Azam

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6. “I do not pay any heed to the negative thoughts, I just go with the plan my team gives me.” – Babar Azam

7. “Personal achievements don’t matter to me; victory of the team does.” Babar Azam

8. “I try to learn with experience. This is my process of learning, so I try my 100 per cent.” – Babar Azam

9 “People keep comparing me to Virat Kohli.” – Babar Azam

10. “I’m looking forward to the new challenge that playing T20 cricket in England will bring.” – Babar Azam

11. “I have heard good things about Somerset from Azhar Ali, and I want to play a part in the Club winning matches.” – Babar Azam

12. “My individual role is to take the innings as deep as I can and perform in a way that benefits the team most.” – Babar Azam

13. “I keep learning from my mistakes, and I take advice from my seniors, and the aim is to be the best in the world across all formats.” – Babar Azam

14. “I can never forget my early days, when I was running from pillar to post to get chance to exhibit my prowess at higher level, but no one was ready to give me a break.” – Babar Azam

15. “I’d be lying if I say that not scoring a Test century was a burden on me.” – Babar Azam

16. “It is not my role to go out and do the power hitting. My job is to play my natural game.” – Babar Azam

17. “If I can be number one in the world without power hitting, then I don’t need power hitting. But when I need to, I utilize it well.” – Babar Azam

18. “Runs are runs, even if they are coming off playing cut shots or in front, but it’s not like T20 can only be played with big shots.” – Babar Azam

19. “There is always a plan, and that is very simple – to lead the game till the end – and my role is to play the anchor while the team plays around me.” – Babar Azam

20. “I don’t just play along the ground. I practice hitting the ball big, and when needed, I use it.” – Babar Azam

21. “My role is to play out the full overs.” – Babar Azam

22. “I loved playing cricket from my childhood. My dad made me play in the streets, and my interest grew. He put me in a club, seeing this. My habit grew from that point.” – Babar Azam

23. “The World Cup is a very big event. Every player dreams of playing in one, and it was my dream, too.” – Babar Azam

24. “My mindset is always focused, which goes up on match days.” – Babar Azam

25. “When you continue to perform, your confidence level increases dramatically.” – Babar Azam Quotes

26. “If I’m going for a shot, then I’ve just resolved to go for it and not think too much about it.” – Babar Azam

27. “For Pakistan to do well in the ODIs, that’s my first priority.” – Babar Azam

28. “I am trying to take my ODI confidence to Test cricket.” – Babar Azam

29. “It’s flattering to be compared to Kohli. He is very consistent, and his mindset is very good. He gives his 100 percent every time he walks out to bat.” – Babar Azam

30. “Pakistan vs. India is always an exciting match, as everyone has eyes on this game.” – Babar Azam

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31. “My aim is to be counted among the top players.” – Babar Azam Quotes & Sayings

32. “In every match, I want to give my 100 per cent.” – Babar Azam

33. “Kohli is my favorite batsman. I watch his videos and try to learn from that. He is an experienced player, and it is always good to learn from a player of his caliber.” – Babar Azam

34. “I loved watching AB de Villiers in the early days. I used to follow him closely. I copied him a lot, too. In the nets, I used to at least try some of the shots he played in the matches.” – Babar Azam

35. “In the U.A.E., the wickets are on the slower side. You can’t play through the line; you need to take your time and be patient.” – Babar Azam

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