Booker T. Washington Quotes [45 Top]

45 Top Booker T. Washington Quotes

Booker T. Washington was a famous American author, educator, orator, and advisor to presidents of the US. He was born on 5th April 1856 and died on 14th November 1915. As an author, he wrote many books but his book Up From Slavery considers as a masterpiece. He was also considered the dominant leader in the African-American community. … Read more

15+ Best Prince Ea Quotes

The Original name of Prince Ea is Richard Williams. He is known as an American rapper, poet, spoken word artist, and former hip-hop artist. In the year 2014, Prince Ea shifted his focus from music to creating inspirational video content which became the main reason for his popularity. He covers the topics of environmentalism, work-life … Read more

55+ Jay Shetty Quotes To Help You Live Extraordinary Life

60 Jay Shetty Quotes That Will Help You To Live Extraordinary Life

Former Monk Jay Shetty is globally recognized as an award-winning host, viral content creator, and storyteller. He launched his channel in 2016 at where he started sharing his videos which were very inspirational and went viral on the Internet. His videos generated over 3 million followers and garnered over 1 billion views worldwide. I hope … Read more

35 Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes

35 Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes to Help You in Taking Action

What people do practically is much more important and shows your feelings and intentions more clearly as compared to what they speak. People are only concerned about what you do in life instead of what you speak. Taking action is the most important thing for achieving something in life. So here I am going to … Read more

60 Haters Quotes That will Show You The Way To Deal Them

60 Quotes About The Haters That will Show You The Way To Deal Them

Before sharing haters quotes let’s discuss who are haters? Haters are those people who don’t want to see you achieve great things in life. They always hate, criticize and discourage you even you are doing great things in life. let’s take an example; If they see you doing extraordinary or impossible work like walking on … Read more

100+ Education Quotes That Will Force You To Learn More

110 Education Quotes That Will Force You To Learn Even More

Education is one of the most important things in the lives of human beings. It is the thing that differentiates humans from animals and shows you the right path and stops you from doing wrong deeds. So here I will share with you the best¬†education quotes that will force you to love learning even more. … Read more