Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes [Top 45+]

45+ Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes

Sandeep Maheshwari is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and the CEO and founder of Imagesbazaar. He is one of those guys who has changed the lives of millions through his inspirational and motivational talks on every aspect of life. He is a hope among the depressed and stressed people of the sub-continent or the people who … Read more

Babar Azam Quotes [Top 35]

35 top Babar Azam Quotes

Babar Azam is a Pakistani cricketer who captains Pakistan in all formats and considered as one of the best Pakistani batsmen of the current era. Cricket experts rate him in the list of top 5 batsmen of the world. He also plays for Karachi Kings in PSL and captains Central Punjab in domestic cricket. Read … Read more

Alexander the Great Quotes [Top 25+]

alexander the great quotes

Alexander the Great was a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. He was the student of the great legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle and was born in Pella in 356 BC and succeeded his father Philip II to the throne at the age of 20. Here are some of the famous motivational Alexander The Great quotes … Read more

Captain Price Quotes [Top 20+]

Top 20+ Captain Prince quotes

Captain Price is a fictional character in the COD (Call of Duty) series. He is the main protagonist of the Modern Warfare sub-series being one of two characters to be featured in all of the games in the sub-series, the other being Nikolai. So here are the famous Captain Price Quotes that will improve your fighting skills.  1. “Makarov, you … Read more

Call of Duty Quotes [Top 50+]

Top 50+ Call of Duty Quotes

COD, also known as Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. Starting out in 2003, it first focused on games set in World War II. Over time, the series has seen games set in the midst of the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space. Here are some of the famous Call of Duty quotes that will … Read more

Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes [Top 25+]

Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes

Ragnar Lothbrok is a Viking hero, as well as, according to the Gesta Danorum, a legendary Danish and Swedish king. He is known for Old Norse poetry of the Viking Age, Icelandic sagas, and near-contemporary chronicles. According to the traditional literature, He distinguished himself by many raids against the British Isles and the Holy Roman Empire during the 9th century. Here are some of the famous Ragnar Lothbrok quotes that will … Read more

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani Quotes [Top 15+]

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Quotes

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was a Hanbali Sunni Muslim preacher, jurist, ascetic, mystic, and theologian, known for being the eponymous founder of the Qadiriyya tariqa (Sufi order) of Sufism. Muslims from all over the world respect him and calls him Ghaus-Al-Azam. Here are the famous Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani Quotes that will inspire … Read more

Imam Abu Hanifa Quotes [Top 10]

Imam Abu Hanifa Quotes

Before Sharing Imam Abu Hanifa Quotes I would like to share a short introduction of him. So a large number of Sunni Muslims call Abu Hanifa(r.a) as their Imam(Imam-e-Azam). He was an 8th-century Sunni Muslim theologian and jurist of Persian origin, who became the eponymous founder of the Hanafi school of Sunni jurisprudence, which has … Read more

Louie Simmons Quotes [Top 50+]

Louie Simmons Quotes

Louis Simmons is known as a former American powerlifter and current strength coach. He is noted for developing the Westside Conjugate method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports, as well as inventing several pieces of strength training equipment. Westside Barbell is a private, invitation-only, elite training facility in Columbus, Ohio that was created by him. So here are some … Read more